dad-on-mule_sizedMy paintings about cities are composed of remembered fragments of forms and moments when their absurd and gaudy individuality blends to create a habitable unity… recognized absurdity must be absorbed and then transcended by inspired visions that refuse to surrender. The problem is to remove the veil of trivia that confounds selection and prevents significant forms and experiences from coming to the fore. I don’t make collages or assemblages because I don’t like ready-made forms or built in content. I prefer the challenge and potential found in a formless blob of paint.

Walter J Mix Jr.
Claremont, 1959

After five one-man shows in Los Angeles at the Comara Gallery in 1958, Walter Mix Jr. participated in many exhibitions: The Detroit Art Institute, Denver Museum, Los Angeles County Art Institute, Los Angeles Count Museum, Pasadena Art Museum, Colorado School of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Long Beach Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, New School Art Center (N.Y.C.), Mt. San Antonio College, Scripps College, and Redlands University. His one-man shows include the Comara Gallery, Palazzo delle Esposizione (Rome), and Scripps College.

Walter Mix Jr. was born on October 14, 1928 in Chicago Illinois and received the MFA Degree from the Claremont Graduate School and University center in 1957. He made his home in Claremont, California and taught drawing and painting at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California.

Walter J Mix Jr.